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The world reveals itself only to curious and adventurous minds. And if you look at it with an eye for detail and time, you will discover a lot of unseen things. In 1958, for instance, a group of young friends went on a hike and discovered the Charnia – a fossil of an enigmatic extinct creature in the form of a fern leaf, which lived on the bottom of the sea millions of years ago. This unforeseen but historically and geologically significant incident is yet a small reminder that great stories sometimes just happen to be lying about only taking a group of attentive people to spread them.

With our films we would like to raise awareness for subjects from the fields of science, research, history, art and culture. Not only doing so by using facts, but by captivating storytelling and supporting animations in interesting, clever and humorously realised film media. Together with our clients, we work hand in hand to bring their individual stories, their innovative philosophies, their exciting insights and much more to the world, not only to inform but also to inspire people.

What we Offer

From the first idea to the finished script. Together we will work out a plan to bring your message into the world with creativity and lasting effect.


With a diverse, talented team and the right equipment, we are ready for any challenge. Using new technologies and having years of experience, we turn your idea into reality.


From video editing, colour correction and sound design, to high-quality 2D and 3D animations. We’ve got you covered.




Our Partners and Clients



for non-profits

We know how difficult it can be to raise money for projects that have no direct financial value for investors.
There’s a question that often arises:
Is it affordable or is the already tight budget better spent in another way?

But we truly believe that projects with a social or environmental impact deserve a place in the spotlight.
Especially in difficult times, it is important to spread some positive news to get people involved.
That’s why we offer non-profits our Social Media Deal:

At first we're going to plan together what type of content suits you,
e. g. promotional and educational videos, fundraiser, explainer and social media campaign videos.

Then draw up a cost plan, so that you get an insight into the effort involved in the planned production.

Instead of a take-it or leave-it situation, you tell us an amount that is manageable for you, so we can match our capacities and the necessary equipment to accomplish the project together.

We would like to encourage you, even with a very small budget, to share your ideas with us.
Apply by using our contact form.

Science Sparks
Quick Facts for Curious Minds

Our Commitment

Anyone working in the media industry knows that there is still a long way to go to reach truly sustainable production. But by acting responsibly, it is already achievable to make significant reductions.

We aim to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible – at our workplace and in every production process. We try to achieve this for instance by:

Green Productions

We save as much energy as possible and use new energy-saving technologies or switch off electricity completely whenever reasonable. Documents such as scripts or call sheets are provided digitally.
Catering and meals on set are vegetarian/ vegan.


One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Leftover food, costumes and props that are required for production are donated if they are no longer needed. Also, we use reusable dishes and unavoidable waste is recycled.


We prioritize eco-conscious practices by embracing remote meetings to minimize unnecessary travel. When travel is essential, we opt for train or bicycle journeys.

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We are a stronger and more creative community when we all work together. That is why we support and encourage an open and diverse attitude in our productions and at our workplace.

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